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Family Grouping:

Between 8:30am and 9am the Preschool spends time with both rooms grouped together in one of our classrooms. At Arndu this time is known as family grouping when siblings and peers can spend time engaging in the classroom together as they use their creativity and imagination.

Outdoor Time:

From 9am the children are invited to come outside and explore the different experiences set up for them to engage in. Our large outdoor space provides plenty of room for children to; climb, dig, run, jump, explore, create and use their imaginations. Arndu’s outdoor environment holds; a fort with slide, dirt pit, sand pit, beautiful garden, climbing posts, balance beams, quiet sitting nooks and a cubby, along with many more wonderful resources that are used outside throughout the day.

Morning Tea:

At Arndu we seek to support as they learn a healthy lifestyle. Morning tea at Arndu is also known as fruit time, as we encourage children to enjoy their fresh fruits bought to preschool from home. The children are invited to come and eat their morning tea between 9:20 – 10:30am. The children wash their hands, collect their morning tea and then sit at one of our meal spaces to eat.

Group Time:

At Arndu we believe that group times are a terrific time for children to learn from and with one another. During the day children are invited to participate in both large and small group activities. These activities range from; literary, numeracy, creative, imaginative, scientific, social, physical and sensory. As the children explore new interests and ideas their teachers eagerly plan and prepare new lessons to help them learn and continue developing their knowledge.


Indoor Activities:

Our classrooms are set up with care and respect as we seek to support the children to feel comfortable, capable and confident in their learning environments. At Arndu we have two classrooms. Each room has a team of educators and teachers that seek to set up provoking spaces to prompt learning. In each classroom the learning environments set up include; home corner, puzzle area, a literacy space, construction zone, reading nook, sensory area, and a creative space. Easy access is provided for children to move from the outdoors, inside and to our bathroom facilities.



Lunch time is a shared experience at Arndu as all the children come together to eat at the same time. After washing their hands, the children come outside to sit with their peers and enjoy their lunch bought from home. Eating with their peers promotes social engagement and the formation of friendships. This is particularly evident as children start at Arndu as they spend this time getting to know one another by asking questions and talking about their favourite things.


Rest Time/Quiet Activities:

At Arndu we believe it is important to provide opportunities for children to rest and relax. A rest time occurs during the day to promote children to be still, reflect on the day and re-energise themselves for the rest of the day. Sleeping is optional. For those children who do not sleep other quiet activities are provided for them to engage with.


Music and Movement:

As we seek to promote the physical growth and development of children a music and movement time is used to excite children and engage them in this learning. A planned music and movement time, happens during the day as the children learn musical concepts such as; tempo, rhythm, dynamic and tone as they move their bodies in both fine motor and gross motor activities. Music and movement time become a favourite of all children who come through our doors.


Home Time:

Arndu closes its doors at 4pm each day. We invite families to learn about their child’s day before leaving by looking at the; program, project book, pictures on walls and the slide show on the T.V.. All educators and teachers are ready and eager to share how your child has grown throughout the day and what they have learnt.

For more information about Arndu why not book a tour by calling us on 9580 3004.

Planning Your Day


Parents should help their child unpack belongings, settle child to an activity, then let a staff member know that you are leaving. Always say goodbye to your child and let them know what time you will be back


  1. A packed lunch in a Named lunch box. Sandwiches and other items requiring refrigeration should be individually labelled as they will be put into a separate container to go in the fridge. Parents are asked to provide nutritious food for their child’s day at preschool.

  2. A water bottle labelled with your child’s name

  3. A piece of fruit for morning tea.

  4. A blanket or a towel for rest time

  5. A teddy for rest time (if your child wishes). NB this should be the only toy your child brings to preschool. “Treasures from home” such as jewellery, china dolls, transformers, power rangers, swords, masks etc. get lost and broken and cause disputes and competition.

  6. A broad brimmed sunhat or a legionnaires hat. This should be brought to preschool every single day regardless of the weather.

  7. A change of clothing – singlets, undies, socks, jumpers as well as outer clothing. We change the children if they’ve become wet during outdoor playtime and if they have accidents.

  8. Please wear old clothes to preschool so that play can be free and expressive. Please dress your child in sun protective clothing e.g. with sleeves. Shoes should be secure on children’s feet and non-slip so as not to pose a danger when climbing. Party shoes and thongs are not appropriate for preschool.


We are all aware of the increased risk of skin cancer to our children. Please provide your child with a sun hat. We will provide sunscreen from the Cancer Council at the “sign-in” book, for you to apply to your child on arrival. It is slightly perfumed, so if any of your children have sensitivity to perfumed products feel free to use your own sunscreen. The wearing of hats is compulsory.


Arndu Preschool is NUT FREE. Please ensure the food you provide for your child contains NO NUTS.


It is extremely important that all belongings including clothes, socks, shoes, school bags, rest bags, sun hats, drink bottles and teddy bears have your child’s name on them. This assists both staff and children in recognising and finding belongings and ensuring that they are returned to their rightful owner.

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